Our Mission

Provide services that authors need to face their biggest marketing challenges.


Book Magnets is more than a book promotion agency.

We intend to become your trusted book marketing partner.

We believe that fantastic books deserve to be read by as many people as possible. This is why we strive to help authors find their perfect readers. We take care of book marketing so authors like you could focus on a higher calling: write books that matter.


Book Magnets was founded by two literary publicists in 2010.

It was named differently back then and started as a freelance business where struggling indie authors outsourced their marketing effort. The demand for our affordable, personalized, and excellent marketing services has increased since.

We haven’t stopped growing (and we never intend to). The small home-based business has transformed into an office-based operation. We work with some of the best global talents and vendors to meet authors’ demand for better book marketing services.


Our love of great books unites us at Book Magnets.

For this reason, we wake up each morning excited to discover literary gems buried by ineffective marketing or the lack thereof. Here’s our promise: we will only promote books and authors whom we truly believe in.

At Book Magnets, we take immense pride in helping authors turn their passion into a promising career. Unlike big marketing firms, we care most about your success. That’s why we try our best to really listen to your needs.

We want to know the major hurdles to your success and we try to find solutions that fit your unique situation. Don’t take our word for it, talk to us today and discover how our marketing services translate into increased book sales.

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Achieve your book marketing goals.