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Author Website, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, Book Reviews

Web Presence Management

Become unforgettable by creating a stellar author website and highly shareable social media posts – no technical experience required. Bring in traffic to your website through smart SEO and glowing book reviews from authoritative sites. Contact us for pricing and further details.

Email Marketing, Author Interview, Book Trailer, Social Advertising, Press Release

Digital Marketing

Show up where your readers are. Book Magnets’ digital marketing services empower authors with engaging email newsletters, captivating videos, demand-generating social ads, and persuasive news releases about your book. Contact us for more details.

Magazine Print Advertising, Book Fairs, Exhibits, & Events

Offline Marketing

Authors trying to break into the publishing world can’t ignore traditional means of promotions. Want to place a book ad on a print magazine or join a local or international book fair to pitch your book to big publishers? Contact us now to get a free quote.

Book-to-Film Adaptation


Trying to convince Hollywood to make a film out of your book? Receive professional feedback, expert mentoring, as well as pitch and movie script writing assistance from Book Magnets’ literary agents and editors. Email us to get help from an expert consultant.

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